For Bussinesses
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Post-employment verification
  • Assets verification
  • Due Diligence & credit worthiness
  • patent Trademark and copy right infringment
  • Fraud, cheating and Embeziment
  • Industrial espionage and counter espionage
  • Risk Analysis
Pre-Employment Screening
Employment screening for business has been our area of specialization for over 30 years. Statistics show that 60% of C.V.'s (resumes) have been falsified in one way or another. These falsifications are sometimes harmless; i.e. the individual fabricates some recreational hobbies such as football or cricket so that they can demonstrate their ability to be a "team player", but there can also be serious breaches of legal or ethical boundaries. Typical examples of these are :
  • Omit a previous employment record due to the loss of a job over a certain matter.
  • Adding qualifications that have never been obtained.
  • Fabricating the entire C.V. to attain a specific position.
The individuals employed must meet a certain criteria and have the correct qualifications to integrate into the workplace and be productive. Most companies think of staff as assets and so invest time and money to ensure that these people are highly productive and also content in their working environment.

When a situation arises where there is doubt as to the legitimacy of a C.V, we are able to confirm the details contained and, where necessary, check to see if any previous employment details have been omitted. We offer a full package of employment screening services including verification of credentials and references, checking of public records, and character evaluation. Each check will provide the most accurate and current information available, summarized and provided to you in an easy to read investigative report. These services can be provided quickly and efficiently since we understand that it is not practical to wait for a number of weeks to obtain the required information and risk losing a potentially valuable member of staff. We work with you to determine the information you need to make informed, responsible hiring decisions.
Post-Employment Verifications
  • Omit a previous employment record due to the loss of a job over a certain matter.
  • Adding qualifications that have never been obtained.
  • Fabricating the entire C.V. to attain a specific position.
Ignoring the integrity of employees at management level could prove costly for any large company. Any employee in a significant position within the company has the potential to cause severe damage if access can be gained to databases and confidential information. Your company security is only as strong as the weakest link.

How well do you really know your employees?
What do they do after office hours?
Are they involved in a parallel business?
Are they meeting your competitors?

We can give you all the answers. Our goal is to provide fast, accurate and cost effective information as and when you require. We carry out evaluations of these employees considered to be at these "risk positions". A comprehensive report is submitted on their background, criminal record, previous employment history and education qualifications submitted to you. A detailed report on their social behavior, and known associates is also submitted giving you total peace of mind.
Assets verification
Detective Network's Asset Search & Verification Services are designed to locate and identify company or individually held assets such as real estate property, vehicles, business ownership interests, income sources, and liabilities such as civil litigation, judgments, tax liens, defaults and bankruptcies. Professional analysis of each matter will often afford further relevant information, which will be detailed in our report. Supporting documentation may be located and retrieved upon request. Field activity will be conducted in most instances to verify findings and develop additional information. A Comprehensive Asset Search is recommended for matters involving multiple subject debtors or missing/hidden assets. In this investigation, our efforts are focused as requested and within the agreed budget and turn-around allowance.
Due Diligence
  • Comprehensive research of public records
  • In-depth personal profiles
  • Reputation assessment
  • Third-party interviewing
  • Asset/wealth determination
Financial institutions and corporations find it is invaluable to have thorough, detailed knowledge of new business associations. Detective Network provides the necessary financial/operational analysis and background information which assists in taking the right decision regarding new client relationships. We can also check the competence of these subjects and compile an in-depth report into their trading practices, and other aspects of their businesses.

Time and again we have been retained by corporations to verify the existence and assets of potential new clients and or companiesin other parts of the world. Our worldwide networking capabilities ensure that such investigations are conducted thoroughly, confidentially and expeditiously. We have the ability to locate the owners and true beneficiaries of a business, even in the most complex of domiciles and subsequently establish a true financial picture. From this point we can then, if needs be, examine the individuals who head the business to establish if they are involved in any other organization, or if there could be a conflict of interest.
patent Trademark and copy right infringment
Detective Network will protect your organization from counterfeit merchandise and gray market trading. We have been actively locating and purchasing counterfeit goods including but not limited to videos, software, clothing and electronics. We have established undercover trading companies that obtain data and merchandise from suspicious sources. Our network of investigators all over the country enables us to monitor the movement of these counterfeit, gray market merchandise in the country. Once discovered, we can determine the legal status, size, markets and ownership of subjects selling illegal products. Additionally, we are experienced in coordinating with law enforcement authorities to conduct raids leading to the seizure of these counterfeit goods.
Fraud, cheating and Embeziment
Fraud and larceny threaten corporate effectiveness and efficiency and must be eliminated in order to maintain a company's competitive edge in the market place. Many financial institutions rely on us to analyze and interview employees to identify internal fraud. Enormous amount of money may be saved by timely detection and correction of these problems. These unscrupulous individuals and companies apply for financial aid and loans from banks and financial institutions on the basis of falsified information. Detective Network is often called upon to conduct independent internal investigations and verify the information submitted at the time of these applications. We also assist these organization in tracing defaulters who have not been found using conventional methods.
Espionage & Counter Espionage

It is now essential that companies guard their information more vehemently then ever. The methods involved by third parties to obtain confidential information are varied, but we have found that there are three main ways in which they employ these methods:

"Under Cover Agents" or "moles" are placed within organizations, their sole purpose being to pass information to competitors, or even worse, sell the information to the markets highest bidder. These "moles" usually take the form of either an existing employee who requires the information for his/her own purposes or has been approached by a third party with the promise of financial gain, or someone applying for a job with the sole purpose of obtaining the relevant information. We have found that there are a number of ways to locate the individuals concerned together with the methods that they employ. Following their location we can then locate their true employers and legal action can be instigated.
Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is a term that broadly defines the implementation of investigative methods to gauge potential risks. This encapsulates a variety of situations from physical protection through to information security.

All companies or organizations have physical or electronic systems in place that are designed to increase productivity and allow the smooth running of day-to-day business. Typical examples of these are standard staff procedures, bespoke communications equipment and software packages that enable the input and logging of information. We have found that most areas can be exploited and subsequently increase the risk of a serious problem.

We can perform a security audit of your organization to evaluate the potential hazards of your procedures and systems. We do this by investigating each specific area of your business and examining the way in which it works, what it's goals are and how it interacts with other areas. We concentrate on the passage of information and the physical interaction of staff with that information. Once this is complete we then compile a thorough report outlining, where necessary, areas which need improvement and the suggested methods to implement these improvements. If required, we can then assist in the implementation of these methods and any staff training that is needed.