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Detective Network (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been providing quality investigative services to the corporate world and individuals for several years. Our investigations are thorough, diligent and comprehensive. Whether it be locating a missing person, compiling background information on an individual or an in-depth asset investigation, the final product will reflect the high level of professionalism our clients expect from us, regardless of the geographical location. All Investigations and enquiries are conducted with utmost discretion to provide the client complete anonymity.

We provide reliable information on a timely and cost effective basis. Our goal is to complete the assignment in accordance with your parameters, including;

• Information you wish to obtain
• Financial limits you set
• Time frame within which you would like to see the work completed.

Detective Network is managed by a team of highly experienced and competent officers drawn from various intelligence & law enforcement authorities of the Government. All officers work under the direct supervision of our Managing Director, Mr. Subhash Wadhawan, who is one of the pioneers of this profession in this country having an experience of over three decades and has proficiently handled close to 3000 cases over the years. Besides being a distinguished member of the World Association of Detectives Inc., USA and Council of Corporate Investigators, Mr. Subhash Wadhawan was on the Board of Directors of Council of International Investigators, USA, and is currently the 1st Vice President of Association of Private Detectives of India.

With one of the largest network of trained investigators in the country Detective Network has the capability to conduct investigations and searches simultaneously across the country in the shortest possible time period. With hundreds of trained investigators located in almost all the major towns/cities of the country covering the entire length and breadth of this nation we provide a single stop solution to your investigative requirements anywhere in India or in the world through our International associates.


At first glance, insurance fraud may come off as harmless. However, studies have revealed that insurance fraud causes billions of dollars in damage to consumers across the globe.
Our services include life insurance fraud investigation, healthcare insurance fraud investigation, travel insurance fraud investigation, property insurance fraud investigation and more. Our Special Fraud Investigation Unit or the SFIU works with insurance providers across the globe to safeguard both insurers and policy holders.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

49% of over 3000 hiring managers surveyed had discovered a job applicant making up some part of their resume (Source: Additionally, 11% of job applicants misreported why they left a former employer. (Source: Resume Inflation: Two Wrongs May Mean No Rights).
Our team of highly-trained professionals can help companies uncover a wide range of fraudulent activities such as omission of previous employment records, inclusion of fake qualifications, CV fabrication, and more.
Our final investigative report will include a summary of verified credentials, references of applicants, public records and more.

Employement Screening

Despite the adoption of various technologies, organizations are often lured into partaking in fraudulent business-oriented activities in hopes of huge profits. Our range of investigative activities include personnel Information verification, income tax returns, and authentication of market performance and reputation, among other things.
The final investigation reports will include financial and operational analysis, background information, trading practices and more.

Corporate Due Dilligence

It is not uncommon for spouses to become suspicious of their significant others post marriage. If not investigated, however, these doubts have the potential of ruining marriages. Detective Network can assist individuals in finding out whether their doubts are accurate or not.
Our investigative services include using discreet surveillance methods to collect evidence, coordinating with legal representatives regarding the information we find, if applicable, and more.

Pre/ Post Matrimonial Investigation

Whether you’re an individual or a corporate, we provide comprehensive and highly specialized investigations as per your requirements.



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At Detective Network we don’t just offer services, we offer solutions, to serve the needs and meet the challenges faced by our clients - by listening, learning, responding and adapting to their emergent needs. We take on those challenges, providing solutions to eliminate risk across diverse sectors and geographies, finding new ways to help transform their business.

For nearly Three decades, Detective Network has been a partner in growth of global corporations and a friend to individuals. Providing litigation support services to law firms and saving insurance companies Millions of dollars in fraud claims. We are there by your side so you can focus on what you do and do it better and safer.

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Detective Network - Mitigating Risk,Intelligently

The world is full of obvious things, which nobody by any chance ever observes.

With the discipline, loyalty, and dedication he inculcated in the Air Force, he has been providing investigative services for over 45 years to protect clients in an era where they are being fleeced and fed unreliable data.

Mr. Subhash Wadhawan, Managing Director

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